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The End of an Era That Never Was

I am, for those in the know, talking about the state of a cappella in Japan. Yes, it currently serves as the home of many high school, university and even a few groups that have made it in the professional sphere (RAG FAIR, TRY-TONE, SmellMan, etc), but I'm still reeling from the news that MASA FESTA was canceled yesterday.

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NBC's The Sing off

Sadly, my group was formed a little too late to truly capitalize on the new A Cappella show on NBC coming up this fall, but I am still eagerly anticipating the AcaGoodness that might come from this show.  Wistfully re-reading the audition ad over on "A Cappella News" I came across the line that says in the press release (emphasis mine): "They will compete weekly in front of the show’s panel of professional experts".

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Add YOUR arrangements to the CASA.org Arrangement Library!

The Contemporary A Cappella Society is seeking pdfs of arrangements of original and Public Domain songs for donation to the CASA Arrangement Library! featureimage: 

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Mosaic's America's Got Talent Performance Analysis

It's rare that an a cappella group gets 90 seconds of air time on a prime time television show, so when they do, it's worth paying attention. Closely. How did Mosaic do? Let's take a look (you can watch the video on the CASA.org home page, or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOJULQWITNo&eurl ): 1:17 - song starts - vocal percussion - strong kick snare backbeat - Troy lays an an excellent foundation.

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KRNU "Vocal Chords" Radio/Webcast Playlist; 08/07/09

Vocal Chords is the weekly a cappella and vocal music show from 90.3 KRNU at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, heard live on Friday mornings at 8 a.m., central time (GMT -06:00) with a replay in the same time slot the following Sunday morning.  Both the Friday and Sunday shows stream in real time on the station’s web site http://krnu.unl.edu or via the 90.3 KRNU stream in the college/university radio category on iTunes.