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Rehearse Across the Globe!

In February of 2009 Deke Sharon had mentioned future capabilities with the future of A Cappella like rehearse online without annoying lag in his post featureimage: 

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Of Music and Magicians: pt 2.5 of 2

(seriously sorry for so many long posts right in a row… waaay too long for a single post, but I want to get this out there, and figured might as well just chuck it all out!) Welcome to part four of the two part series comparing a cappella to magicians. This one is short. featureimage: 

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Of Music and Magicians: pt 2 of 2

(remember, the point of this is to think about how, or if, this applies to a cappella groups) Question: What sets the great, super-successful magic acts apart from the less-successful ones? In pt 1.5 of 2 I discussed what I meant when I said there are only so many tricks.  The content of a magic show is not going to be that different from one act to another.  So what makes some great, and others less so? featureimage: 

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Of Music and Magicians: pt 1.5 of 2

Is it possible to be critical of something, and yet still love it? Is it possible to be aware of the inner workings of a trade, a skill, an art form, and still adore it, warts and all? Is it possible to hold two contradictory thoughts simultaneously in your mind, and have both be true? featureimage: 

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Birth announcement....

A quick aside from the magician/a cappella throwdown going on next door.... We went into labor Tuesday night and after a long, sometimes arduous process, at 1:21pm PST today, "Sono" was born.  "Sono" weighs in at 6 members, 1 VP and is a balanced mix of boy and girl aged 21 to 36.  In the next few weeks a real name will be announced and the fun part of raising this little group to be the next CASA League performing group will begin! Please send all congratulatory gifts in the form of cash to my attention.