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Why You Should Audition for The Sing Off

Do yourself a favor: DON'T audition with the delusion that you are going to get on the show.  Statistically, realistically, just assume it ain't gonna happen.  But there are so many reasons to audition anyway! -There is no downside.  There is no negative thing that could happen to you that would outweigh the good that will come from auditioning for The Sing Off.  Only good, for you, and for a cappella at large.

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Sail Away With Me

Pet peeve: an arrangement that completely disregards or misunderstands the meaning of a song. Exhibit A: The recording of "Sail Away" on Tonic Sol-Fa's latest album "Just One of Those Days." Let me state for the record that I think Tonic Sol-Fa is an excellent, hard working group. They're performing over 100 shows a year, tearing up the Midwest, bringing contemporary a cappella to long-standing fans while making new converts at every show. They deserve praise for their consistency and indefatigability. 

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First chart vocalstrated....

So I have finished my first "from scratch" chart.  It's a source-true arrangement of Sting's "Fortress Around Your Heart", and so far the only thing I've heard it on is my PC's MIDI Synth software.  But I like it and am rather proud that I actually did it. 

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SoCal Newsletter for August 18 - September 2 2009

CONCERTSSaturday, August 29ELEMENTAL HARMONY: House ConcertPlus Special Guests: The Bohemian Soul Rustlers7:00: FREE FOOD (including first glass of wine free!)8:00: Showtime$15 in advance (call 818-903-8194)$20 at door$12 for party of 6 or more (in advance)8839 Nestle AvenueNorthridge, CA 91325Presented by Text in the City.________________________________________________________________________THE PERFECT GENTLEMENSunday, August 30, 7 pmOld Town Music Hall

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DoubleShot!'s Band Blog: First Entry!

Hello CASA! We are DoubleShot! from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. featureimage: