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Quest for the A cappella Major- The Best Albums You've Never Heard, Part 1

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of a cappella albums are released every year. The number of albums flooding the market is both a huge positive and a crushing negative.

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Arizona A Cappella Retreat

This weekend, ten collegiate groups from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona will join the student-led ensembles at Northern Arizona University for an a cappella retre featureimage: 

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CASA Exclusive: MICappella Q&A

MICappella is making huge waves in the a cappella scene this year, co-headlining next weekend’s 2013 SoJam festival (along with the Swingle Singers), receiving absolutely

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Quest for the A cappella Major- The Power of Doo-Doo

A couple of weeks ago, my a cappella group went flat. Not just in one song, but in every song.

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In Defense of Electronics

I love the human voice. It's the original instrument, the most powerful, the most versatile, and the most expressive. featureimage: