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Da Local Sound

I'm sitting here in Hawaii, listening to a Hawaiian music station, and reminding myself that if things every go South for me, I'm hopping on a plane (or a boat!), moving to Hawaii, and starting an a cappella group with some local boyz singing Hawaiian music. Because it's an entirely untapped market, and a Hawaiian group based in Honolulu would make a nice living singing about the island breezes. Actually, on second thought, I'm probably not coming back. Aloha! But it got me thinking about all of the other untapped markets and styles of a cappella. Tired of the same old sound?

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Pro Groups: Join The Party!

It seems every month I cross paths with a professional a cappella group who seems largely ignorant of the general a cappella community and all it has to offer.  The topic doesn't come up directly, but rather they'll be asking me how to get more gigs in this recession, and when I start asking them questions, they stare at me with wide eyes and blank stares.  So, once and for all, here's a list of things you can do to make more money while at the same time becoming more connected to the a cappella community:

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One Crazy Year.

 This blog entry will be a short one, with a message directed specifically at college grads: Many of you love a cappella, and you're about to enter the "real" world in perhaps the worst economic climate since the 1930s.  This might have you concerned about employment, ready to take the first full-time job offer that comes your way. But you have a dream: singing a cappella professionally. Seems highly unlikely. Should you try? Absolutely!

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A Day in the Life

People ask me what it's like to be on tour, and I'm not sure what to say. What do they actually want to know? Sometimes it's the simple, everyday elements that people find interesting.So, although I risk including too much mundane information, here's a typical day in the life on the road.

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Be A Band

Let's say you've just started a new professional group, or have had one for a little while, and are looking for a direction. You've sung some songs you like, emulated your favorite groups, but want to take your sound and career to the next level.I have 3 words of advice for you: Be A Band.Vocal groups are the obvious model for an a cappella group, right? Well, I'm suggesting that mold be broken, and here's why:Vocal groups primarily sing songs written by other people.

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