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Pitch Pipe Finesse

It occurred to me onstage last weekend that nothing has been written about the best way to  give pitches on st

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It's All About The Glee

That's it! It's so simple, and it's been the case all along, but now we have a hit TV show that makes our point for us. Maybe I should back up? Alright: it all started the first time you heard vocal harmony. Admit it - there was something there. Something powerful. You loved the sound, the interweaving of the voices.

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Sail Away With Me

Pet peeve: an arrangement that completely disregards or misunderstands the meaning of a song. Exhibit A: The recording of "Sail Away" on Tonic Sol-Fa's latest album "Just One of Those Days." Let me state for the record that I think Tonic Sol-Fa is an excellent, hard working group. They're performing over 100 shows a year, tearing up the Midwest, bringing contemporary a cappella to long-standing fans while making new converts at every show. They deserve praise for their consistency and indefatigability. 

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Mosaic's America's Got Talent Performance Analysis

It's rare that an a cappella group gets 90 seconds of air time on a prime time television show, so when they do, it's worth paying attention. Closely. How did Mosaic do? Let's take a look (you can watch the video on the CASA.org home page, or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOJULQWITNo&eurl ): 1:17 - song starts - vocal percussion - strong kick snare backbeat - Troy lays an an excellent foundation.

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Da Local Sound

I'm sitting here in Hawaii, listening to a Hawaiian music station, and reminding myself that if things every go South for me, I'm hopping on a plane (or a boat!), moving to Hawaii, and starting an a cappella group with some local boyz singing Hawaiian music. Because it's an entirely untapped market, and a Hawaiian group based in Honolulu would make a nice living singing about the island breezes. Actually, on second thought, I'm probably not coming back. Aloha! But it got me thinking about all of the other untapped markets and styles of a cappella. Tired of the same old sound?

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