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An a cappella musical

Please don't shoot me down for this, but a lot of the original a cappella in the MP3 Library could make a really good musical together. It could be a musical about the forming of a school a cappella group, and the main character would go through a lot of different activites that never satisfy him. When he finally creates an a cappella group with his friends, he finds an amazing activity that he loves. The entire plot would be about the a cappella group, perhaps all the way up to their first show. I'd certainly watch that.

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My friend and I have been desparate to start an a cappella group with our friends, but we need major help. We have no clue how to do this sort of stuff. Can anyone reccomend a good, relativly simple peice to start out with? Any good hints, tips, or tricks for practicing? Any answers or just stuff in general is greatly appreciated.

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A Cappella and Ultimate Frisbee

Hello! This is my first blog ever. Like, ever, ever. Needless to say, I am quite pleased with myself for finally working up the motivation to actually write one, even though it will probably be composed of rather spaced out entries. Getting to the point, have you ever noticed how similar a cappella and ultimate frisbee are?