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Deus Ex Barba

I just wanted to give a shout to one extremely talented beatboxer/vocal DJ/comedian known as "Beardyman". His real name is Darren Foreman. He hails from London and has established quite the cult following. Here are some excerpts from an article about him: He was given the nick-name "Beardyman" because a name was quickly needed for a flyer for an early show, and at the time he had a beard. Though often unshaven, he does not usually sport what would be considered a full beard.

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A True Sweepstakes

There is a very spirited debate going on about the recent regional level of the National Harmony Sweepstakes in Los Angeles. First it was about how poor the sound was for all of the groups. Then it turned into a discussion about whether it was against the rules for the members of King4 to compete a second time that night by adding one person and going under a different name (Throat). It’s a very interesting discussion that is worth a look while you are exploring this site.

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American Idol Contestant Leaves M-Pact

{mosimage}An interview with Rudy Cardenas Hello my a cappella brethren. This is Del Coy writing. Many of you who follow the many rants and heated, yet civil exchanges on the a cappella billboards and newsgroups know me as the very outspoken and some times over the top passionate guy who picks up everything and moves every two or three years. It is an honor to be chosen as a staff writer for CASA. It is my commitment to you to always bring you stories, interviews, reviews and op-ed blogs that are relevant, uncensored, real and from the gut. I recently had the distinct pleasure of talking with Rudy Cardenas of the incredibly talented M-PACT and more recently of American Idol fame. Rudy represented the a cappella community well by making it all the way to the top 24 on the show, only to be one of the first victims of the evil “Vote for the worst” Sanjaya conspiracy. American Idol had a very positive effect on M-PACT with all of the exposure, but it also opened some major doors for Rudy as a solo performer. As a result, Rudy has left M-PACT to pursue this amazing opportunity. I recently interviewed Rudy regarding the American Idol experience and what is next for him post-M-PACT. So sit back, relax and enjoy this very eye-opening discussion straight from the lips of the American Idol contestant himself.