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How Toxic Audio Took Their Show To The Las Vegas Strip

{mosimage}In January 1978, ABBA released their hit single Take A Chance On Me. Toxic Audio began covering the song in 1998 and still performs it every so often in their concert shows. In it, the bass and baritone take up the recognizable chant of take-a-chance-take-a-chance take-a-take-a-chance-chance. Believe me, it makes the ladies swoon. Cut to 2005. Im writing this from my hotel room at the amazing Luxor Resort and Casino. Last week, Toxic Audio opened a production for a Limited Engagement through mid-November in the 400 seat Atrium Showroom. We present one show each night, six nights a week. At the Luxor, you can enjoy the RA nightclub, the Fantasy revue, the amazing Blue Man Group. And nowToxic Audio.

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A Point Of View

First articles are the hardest ones to write. "Who is this guy? What has he accomplished? And why should I care what he thinks?"  Let me start with the first question. Who is this guy? My name is Rene Ruiz. I was born in Austin, Texas.  I currently live in New York City. I'm single and live alone with my dog,  Buddy. I have the worst track record when it comes to relationships and the best DVD collection in the universe. I enjoy traveling andlong walks on the  beach. I am a Libra and a Methodist. I once laughed so hard at an Abbott & Costello movie, I passed an entire Oreo cookie through my left nostril.