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Casting for Season Three will soon be upon us, with in-person audition dates around the country in May, and video submissions accepted from anywhere, anytime.

If you're reading this, you're likely saying to yourself "I can't make it! I could never be on television. Just look at the groups that made it!"

Yes, look at them:

* A bunch of guys happen to sing at a reception at which Cedric Dent (Take 6) is in the audience. They've only ever sung gospel music, so they don't audition for the show, but after a phone call they decide to try singing a pop song and sing it into their phone, sending in the video. I give you: Committed. Winner, season two.

* A bunch of guys who knew each other as kids decide to audition. They audition in person...and then two drop out, leaving just four. The remaining guys scramble, find two more, and tape themselves singing a song in an empty parking garage. I give you: Street Corner Symphony. Second Place, season two.

* A guy attends a taping of season one, loves it, and pulls together singers from all over the area a week before auditions, including a couple of members who were in losing groups from season one. I give you: The Backbeats. Third Place, season two.

* A high school director decides he wants to get his group on the show. Auditions for season one, doesn't even make call backs. So he works with his group, focuses on poise and performance as well as musicianship, and they beat the odds and make it on television with a small group of 16-18 year olds. I give you: Eleventh Hour.

This is not a parade of long-standing professional groups. The members of Groove For Thought spend most of their time teaching, not performing. Jerry Lawson swore never to sing a cappella again at one point.

As for college groups, we don't care if you didn't make it to the finals of the ICCA's, or don't have a track on BOCA. Television is a very different medium, and we're looking for that unique blend of personality, talent, energy and heart.

Last season we cast a very wide net, with singers ranging from age 16-70. Many styles, many backgrounds. More importantly, the kinds of groups we had in season one and two were different, which hopefully should tell you that we are looking for anything and everything for season three. Surprise us!




What a relief!  I thought I

What a relief!  I thought I should take an experienced group to a live audition, but now I know I just need to grab a few friends and sing into a cell phone, and then I'll get on television!  Saves me all the time of rehearsing, all the years of putting together a professional act, and I still get millions of people watching me on television!

You sure didn't seem to mind

You sure didn't seem to mind putting together new groups for last year's Sweeps, Tim! ;)

No one's going to get on the show without extensive harmony singing experience. A cappella is just too difficult. However, talented people are talented people, and a new configuration sometimes clicks.

I'm urging people not to self-select out.

- Deke Sharon • 800.579.9305 • http://www.dekesharon.com

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