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[As of today, Anoop Desai is still in the running on "American Idol". Check out http://www.americanidol.com for more info. Below, Dave Sperandio passes on Brandon Baird's plea to support Anoop. - Ed.]

If you've been following this season's installment of American Idol, you know that former UNC Clef Hanger Anoop Desai has made it to the Top 36!  Now that the judges have had their say, it's time for you to cast your vote for Anoop - and for all a cappella!

Ok maybe not ALL a cappella...but Anoop needs your vote anyway!  Voting happens TOMORROW, 2/17.

Brandon Baird, fellow ex-Clef Hanger and friend of Anoop, has provided us with some helpful information on how to vote:

Hello everyone,

So, I'm writing this e-mail to give everyone the low-down on how to vote for my friend, Anoop Desai, on American Idol.   I'm asking you to watch the show on Tuesday Feb. 17th, 2009 at 8pm EST and vote for him using the number provided on the show, 1-866-IDOLS-XX (where XX is Anoop's voting number).  The show airs at 8pm on FOX and lasts for 2 hours.  At the end of the episode the voting lines will open up for 2 HOURS ONLY (until midnight). During these two hours we need to get as many votes in for him as possible.  Below I've included some tips for maximizing our efforts and making sure your vote counts. 

Tips for Voting on American Idol:

You can Vote 3 different ways (maybe all at once!)

If you're living abroad, or if you can't make the call from a phone you can call for free ONLINE by following the directions below:

You can use Skype (works for International and US):

or Dial Idol (works for only US residents):

If you are calling the number (1-866-IDOLS-XX):

- The phone lines tend to jam up directly after the show finishes and oftentimes you'll get a busy signal.  If you wait for 30 - 45 minutes and call continuously for the rest of the hour and a half, your voting will be more efficatious and will more likely to count for Anoop.

-If you have a cell phone and a home phone, try calling for both.  You don't have to talk with anyone to vote, so you can just continue to re-dial on either phone for the duration of the two hours.

- It's a toll free number, so you shouldn't have to worry about phone charges.

If you are an AT&T customer:

You can vote without having to make the call.  You just have to text the word "VOTE" to the special 4 digit number that will appear next to Anoop's Toll-Free number on the day of the show.  You can text as many times as you like, although standard text rates apply.   Text messages may be the safer bet for AT&T costumers as there will be no busy signal with texts.

AT&T Mobility text message voting will open at the end of each performance show and stay open for at least 2 hours, subject to local time zone limitations. Voting will NOT be open during the show or outside the two hour time period determined by the area code on your cell phone. Votes sent outside of the voting window will be invalid, and you will receive a message saying the window is closed

Sorry about the long e-mail everyone, but I hope that you find at least 30 minutes on Tuesday to vote for my friend.  He has a great voice and really deserves all the success he's acheived so far.  If you want to see more of Anoop you can check out the youtube videos at the URL below.


Thanks everyone. Please pass this along to anyone you think would like to know this information.
Take Care,




Now let's all ROCK THE VOTE!!!

- dio