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The a cappella community is one of the most interactive, accessible ones we know of (if we say so ourselves). All levels of singers interact with fans and engineers and producers and arrangers, and it's a happy and symbiotic relationship. We believe that the community as a whole should be able to say which groups and individuals have moved them in a given year, and then we can all give some recognition to those people for their good work.

To that end, we have our ACAs (A Cappella Community Awards). Think of them like the People's Choice Awards of a cappella. You choose the categories, you vote, we tally. So from May 1 - June 1, any registered user here at casa.org can suggest ACAs categories; from Jun 15 - July 19 any registered CASA user can nominate their favorites (groups/individuals/albums); August 15 - Oct 1 paid CASA members vote on the nominees, and on Oct 12, winners are announced. [A CASA membership is only $35 yearly, and gets you lots of cool perks and resources, and helps keep all our programs and events running!]

Former CASA President, and ACAs Director Julia Hoffman says, "A cappella, at its core, is a team sport. And beyond that, it's a community sport that thrives not just on the talent and spirit of the performers, but on the engineers, the educators, and the fans. The ACAs are a celebration of the a cappella community. These awards celebrate what you, the people, really liked this year."

So what are you waiting for? Make your voice heard. Head on over here, log into your profile, click the link at the bottom, and tell us your faves! We can wait to hear what you have to say!