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At CASA, we strive to be your definitive resource for all things a cappella, where you look first for information, educational materials, resources, and news. In that light, we've recently revamped our Acapedia, our listing of a cappella groups around the world. The technical revisions have been under the auspices of Joe Antonioli and Shane Ardell, our tech team leads, who have labored for a not insignificant time to get the structure of the Acapedia in working condition. You'll see that it's now searchable multiple ways. For example, put in http://www.casa.org/acappella/contemporary for all contemporary groups. Switch out that descriptor for rock, jazz, collegiate, mixed, female, etc. Or you can use the search box in upper right of the main Acapedia page to further refine. We'll also feature some groups in each genre, and on the front page.

Web Content Director Amy Malkoff will spearhead the cleanup and organization of the Acapedia contents. She'll be rooting through the groups, removing those that are no longer in existence, updating ones that are outdated, and adding new ones. But you can help, too. If your group's profile needs to be updated or added, you can do that yourself. Or alert us to changes that need to be made (amy@casa.org), and we'll make them.

So what are you waiting for? A literal world of a cappella groups of all shapes and sizes awaits you! Go check them out!