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Group Name Location Group Composition Description Musical Style(s)
Vocally Charged Johns Creek, GA, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • High School
Vocaloca Hovedstaden, DENMARK Mixed
  • Professional
Vocalogy Long Beach, CA, UNITED STATES Mixed "VOCALOGY is a vocal jazz quintet which brings an exciting and distinctive sound to the world of vocal music. Vocalogy has delighted audiences across the country in festivals, concerts, clinics and...
  • Professional
Vocation Stockholm, SWEDEN Mixed
  • Professional
Voces Dei Houston, TX, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • College
Voces Feminas Cuenca, SPAIN All Female
Voces8 London, UNITED KINGDOM Mixed Voces8, a hugely versatile and entertaining group, perform music from the 13th century to the present day, from Tallis and Perotin to Gershwin and the Beatles. Formed in 2005, Voces8 is already an...
  • Professional
Voci Atroci ITALY All Male
Voci dalla Rocca Breno, ITALY All Male
Vocintransito Rome, ITALY All Female
  • Professional
Voco Los Angeles, CA, UNITED STATES Mixed Moira Smiley & VOCO - a vocal-band with cello, banjo & accordion - brings the energy of street singing, the risks of improvisation, and the precision of a string quartet.
  • Professional
Voco Novo Taipei, TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA Mixed At the end of 2009, five singers with different musical background came together and started Voco Novo A Cappella Group, with goals to create a new sound and collaborate with different art forms in
  • Contemporary
VOiCE Minden, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GERMANY All Male
Voice 4 Voice St. Charles, MO, UNITED STATES All Female
Voice Male Brigham City, UT, UNITED STATES All Male
  • Professional