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Group Name Location Group Composition Description Musical Style(s)
Tone-Acity Stockport, Northwest, UNITED KINGDOM All Female
Tone-Acity Stockport, Northwest, UNITED KINGDOM All Female
Tongue-Tied A Cappella Ogden, UT, UNITED STATES All Male
Tonic and Gin Washington, DC, UNITED STATES Mixed
Tonic Sol-Fa St. Cloud, MN, UNITED STATES All Male Although they are simply four voices and a tambourine, Tonic Sol-fa has spent considerable time on the road carving their niche as the nation’s top vocal group.
  • Professional
TonicEffect San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATES Mixed
Too Cheap for Instruments Waltham, MA, UNITED STATES All Female Here at TCFI, we pride ourselves in being a Folk/Folk-Pop a cappella group with a sense of humor. We love to sing in just about any venue, but we usually wind up doing coffee houses.
  • College
Too Good For Instruments New Britain, CT, UNITED STATES All Female For those of you who know who we are, for those of you who don't...we are the newest a cappella group at CCSU, having started in the fall of 2007.
  • College
Toons Cambridge, MA, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • College
Toons Cambride, MA, UNITED STATES Mixed Founded in 1990 by a group of Wellesley women tired of singing with no bass, the Toons is both MIT's and Wellesley's only cross-campus a cappella group.
  • College
Toonz Salem, OR, UNITED STATES All Male
Top Cats Burlington, VT, UNITED STATES All Male
  • College
Top Row Cranston, RI, UNITED STATES All Male
  • Barbershop
Top Shelf El Paso, TX, UNITED STATES All Male