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Group Name Location Group Composition Description Musical Style(s)
The Fault Line Ithaca, NY, UNITED STATES All Male
  • Professional
The Five Sisters Alsace, FRANCE All Female
The Florida Statesmen Tallahasee, FL, UNITED STATES All Male
  • College
The Flying Barbers Berlin, GERMANY All Male
The Flying Pickets London, UNITED KINGDOM All Male
The Flying Pickets All Male  
  • Contemporary
The Four Freshmen Valencia, CA, UNITED STATES All Male
The Freudian Slips Baltimore, MD, UNITED STATES All Male
The Funx Rochester, NY, UNITED STATES Mixed The Funx (previously known as The Lost Dogs) are a soulful a cappella group featuring five talented vocalists from all over the USA and Canada.
  • Contemporary
The Gargoyles Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM Mixed The Oxford Gargoyles, Oxford’s only jazz a cappella group, were founded by Divya Seshamani and Hannah Harper in early 1998, the lovechild of a passion for jazz and an excuse to cover up the...
  • College
The Gathering Atlanta, GA, UNITED STATES All Female We, the Gathering, strive to enrich the Emory and greater Atlanta community by sharing our a cappella music. We also strive to foster a positive image of women in the performing arts.
  • College
The Generals Davidson, NC, UNITED STATES All Male
  • College
The Generics College Park, MD, UNITED STATES All Male
  • College
The Girls Next Door Champaign, IL, UNITED STATES All Female
  • College