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Group Name Location Group Composition Description Musical Style(s)
Short and Sweet Huntington Beach, CA, UNITED STATES All Male
Shot in the Dark Seattle, WA, UNITED STATES Mixed We're a small, mixed a cappella group living, working and singing in Seattle, WA. A doctor, a writer, a designer, a scientist, a soccer player, a redhead. Music changes us.
  • Contemporary
Shoublak a Goree FRANCE Mixed
Show-Me Harmony Chorus Joplin, MO, UNITED STATES All Female
SHP Heartbeat Harmonies Atherton, CA, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • High School
Shrine of the Ages Choir Flagstaff, AZ, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • College
Shwiffs New London, CT, UNITED STATES All Female
  • College
Shy Of A Dozen UNITED STATES Mixed Shy of a Dozen is an ensemble-for-hire affiliated with the Department of Music at Iowa State University. Our repertoire consists of a wide variety of popular music, some written for a cappella...
  • Contemporary
Sidecar Heroes Portland, ME, UNITED STATES All Male  
  • Contemporary
Sies Seis Caracas, VENEZUELA All Male Sies Seis is the only vocal jazz group from Venezuela, based on its capital city, Caracas, since 2003. Just as today, Sies Seis has sung nationwide on auditoriums, radio and TV.
  • Jazz
Siete Palos Mérida, VENEZUELA All Male
Signature A Cappella Los Angeles, CA, UNITED STATES All Female
  • College
Significant Others UNITED STATES All Female Significant Others, also known as Sig O, is Northwestern University’s premier all-female a cappella group. These fabulous and talented ladies bring their lasting legacy of original arrangements and...
  • College
Sil'hooettes Charlottesville, VA, UNITED STATES All Female
  • College
Silhouettes Lewisburg, PA, UNITED STATES All Female
  • College