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Group Name Location Group Composition Description Musical Style(s)
Nevenka Los Angeles, CA, UNITED STATES All Female
New Blue UNITED STATES All Female A symbol of women's accomplishments at Yale, New Blue is the university's oldest women's organization of any kind. Founded in 1969 when Yale first admitted undergraduate women, the New Blue is proud...
  • College
New Deal Chicago, IL, UNITED STATES Mixed
New Dominions Charlottesville, VA, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • College
New Group
New Hampshire Master Chorale Plymouth, NH, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • Professional
New Reign
New Release Washington, DC, UNITED STATES All Male
New Sisters Podenzano, Piacenza, ITALY All Female
New Tradition Chorus Northbrook, IL, UNITED STATES All Male The New Tradition Chorus is the chapter chorus of the Northbrook Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. We are a charitable, non-profit organization based in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL...
  • Barbershop
Nexus Denver, CO, UNITED STATES All Male
Nice Shoes UNITED STATES All Female Mount Holyoke's Nice Shoes is an all-female collegiate a cappella group whose repertoire is aimed towards spreading messages of empowerment concerning the active promotion of human rights.
  • College
Night Owls Poughkeepsie, NY, UNITED STATES All Female Legend has it that the entire Vassar student community was quarantined during the polio epidemic of 1942. No one was allowed to leave their dorms except to attend classes. Socials were cancelled,...
  • College
Nightingale St. Mary's City, MD, UNITED STATES All Female
  • College
Nightshade UNITED STATES Mixed Nightshade is a mixed a cappella vocal ensemble at Carleton College. Nightshade is a student-directed group which performs selections from a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, spiritual,...
  • College