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Group Name Location Group Composition Description Musical Style(s)
Mezzo New York, UNITED STATES All Female Mezzo is a NYC semi-professional contemporary female a cappella group. Watch out for us at upcoming open mics and gigs around the city! ---
  • Broadway/Theatre
  • Contemporary
  • Doo-wop
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Professional
Mezzotono Bari, ITALY Mixed The Mezzotono Show is entirely executed by five voices a-cappella with a repertoire of defining Italian music sung in many styles.
  • World/Folk
Mia Cara SWEDEN Mixed
Miami Misfitz UNITED STATES All Female
  • College
Micappella Singapore, SINGAPORE Mixed Making music with passion and creativity. This is the cornerstone of every MICappella performance and that is what we promise our audiences.
  • Contemporary
Michael Carlson and TripleOhNine Modesto, CA, UNITED STATES Solo Michael Carlson sings solo live on stage in several parts in real time, by overdubbing using digital loop
  • Alternative/Experimental
  • Choral/Classical
  • Christian
  • Church Choir
  • Comedy
  • Contemporary
  • Doo-wop
  • Jazz
  • Rock
Mid Life Crisis Philadelphia, PA, UNITED STATES Mixed
Midnight Echo Claremont, CA, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • College
Midnight Margaritas Fairport, NY, UNITED STATES All Female
Midnight Ramblers Rochester, NY, UNITED STATES All Male
  • College
Midnight Snack
Midnight Voices Rochelle, IL, UNITED STATES Mixed
Midwest Crossroads Chorus Joliet, IL, UNITED STATES Mixed
Midwest Vocal Express Greendale, WI, UNITED STATES All Male
Mighty Echoes Los Angeles, CA, UNITED STATES All Male The Mighty Echoes were founded at the Olio Theater in Los Angeles in 1986 at the end of a long running musical by Harvey Shield 1284: The Pied Piper. Shortly thereafter they appeared on Who's the...
  • Professional