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Group Name Location Group Composition Description Musical Style(s)
Megalomaniacs Waterville, ME, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • College
Melica Elizabethtown, PA, UNITED STATES All Female
  • College
Melismatics Allentown, PA, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • College
Melo-D-Heirs Houston, TX, UNITED STATES Mixed
Melocoton Grenoble, FRANCE Mixed
Melodeers Chorus Northbrook, IL, UNITED STATES All Female Chartered in 1960 in Northbrook, IL, Melodeers is dedicated to producing the finest in four-part a cappella barbershop harmony. Under the leadership of director Jim Arns and choreographer Renée...
  • Barbershop
Melodias Epicas TURKEY All Female
Members Only Westborough, MA, UNITED STATES All Male
Memphis Cotton Boll Chorus Memphis, TN, UNITED STATES All Male
Men In Black West Hartford, CT, UNITED STATES All Male Men In Black has been entertaining audiences around the country since 2002. Our unique sound mixes jazz and classical vocal techniques to create a musical style and resonance that will put a buzz in...
  • Barbershop
Men in Drag Chicago, IL, UNITED STATES All Female Men in Drag hails from the University of Chicago, and its members embrace all that the name implies, c
  • College
  • Contemporary
Men of Note Cherry Hill, NJ, UNITED STATES All Male
  • College
Men of Praise Atlanta, GA, UNITED STATES All Male
Men Of Praise Jonesboro, GA, UNITED STATES All Male In a word...
  • Christian
Men Without Instruments Danbury, CT, UNITED STATES All Male