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Group Name Location Group Composition Description Musical Style(s)
Kalema Schleswig-Holstein, GERMANY All Female
Kammerkoret NOVA Oslo, NORWAY Mixed
Kansas City Chorus St. Louis, MO, UNITED STATES All Female
Kantorei Denver, CO, UNITED STATES Mixed Kantorei (CAN-toh-rye), or singers, formed in 1997 under the leadership of 6 friends who decided to form a choir capable of singing a broad range of a cappella choral music. With the addition of...
  • Choral/Classical
Kaskeset Binghamton, NY, UNITED STATES Mixed Literally translated, Kaskeset means "fish scales". The Bible states that a fish must have fins and scales to be Kosher. Get it? Fish scales? ... Music scales? ... Kosher? ... Jewish? ... Kaskeset...
  • College
Katzenjammers Princeton, NJ, UNITED STATES Mixed The Katzenjammers are the nation's oldest collegiate coed a cappella group!
  • College
Kaya Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA All Female
Kebataola Maribor, SLOVENIA All Female
  • Professional
Kefas Gospel Choir Copenhagen, DENMARK Mixed
Kelloggarhythms Evanston, IL, UNITED STATES All Female KELLOGGARHYTHMS is Kellogg's all-female a cappella singing group. Members consist of Kellogg first- and second-year students, spouses and significant others.
  • College
Kent Clarks Kent, OH, UNITED STATES Mixed The Kent Clarks is Kent State University's first contemporary a cappella group! The group was founded in 2011 by Stephen Cox, an original member of the Vanderbilt Variations.
  • College
  • Contemporary
Kentucky Vocal Union KY, UNITED STATES All Male
Ketzev Baltimore, MD, UNITED STATES Mixed Founded in 1997, Ketzeve is Johns Hopkins University's only a cappella group specializing in Hebrew, Israeli and American music.
  • College
Key Elements SINGAPORE Mixed
Key Elements Eldred, NY, UNITED STATES Mixed
  • Contemporary