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College, Contemporary, Rock
Formed in 1998 as a vocal jazz ensemble, After Hours was originally called “Charivari,” the term for an old French custom in which members of a town would congratulate newlyweds by “serenading” them (banging pots and pans) outside their homes. Perhaps a term for a discordant raucous wasn’t the best name for a group trying to build harmonies. The group eventually departed from an exclusively jazz repertoire and began incorporating modern rock and pop songs into their sets. Along with changing their musical style, they decided to change their name. In 2000, After Hours became the University of...
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College, Contemporary
Founded in 2008, CatCall's inception at the University of Arizona as a student-lead group of various majors, ages and musical interests, from musical theater theater to death metal, no doubt contributes to the diversity of the ensemble's repertoire and close-knit personality. All of the arrangements CatCall performs are completed by current or graduated members of the ensemble, and the group has a tradition of ending every set with their rendition of the University of Arizona's fight song, "Bear Down, Arizona!". Highlights from the past seven years include performing in a Straight No...
Fans: 4
Firedrill! was founded by 7 former Hyannis Sound members during the cold blustery winter of 2004-2005 in Boston, MA. Since that time the group has undergone several transformations, put out a buzzworthy EP, released a CARA-award winning album, taught workshops and led masterclasses at numerous a cappella festivals (like SoJam and N.E. Voices), and performed for many great audiences around the country. Firedrill!'s focus is on the music. We strive to entertain with the strength of our voices and arrangements, which is a good thing because none of us can dance, and if Nate tries to...
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Christian, Professional
Group of the Year! Durant is a group of six young men and women with a passiong for making music and praising the Lord. With energetic stage presence, powerful vocals, and a style all their own, Durant is spreading the gospel of Jesus through their unique blend of rich a cappella tradition with the influence of contemporary styles. Durant also includes the siblings Melissa Lancaster, Kim Lancaster-Brantley. Several of the members performed together in the group X-Changed at Lipscomb University before forming Durant. The name "Durant" comes from the Lancasters' grandfather and is in...