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Welcome to the Acapedia 2.0 Group Database. This database aims to be a comprehensive, accurate listing of ALL a cappella groups worldwide, so if you know of a group that's not here, please contact us.

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Contemporary, Jazz
San Martino in Rio (RE),ITALY
Veravox is an acappella vocal group based near Reggio Emilia, in northern Italy. It is formed by five stable members (2 men and 3 women), but it is also open to friends and collaboration, more like a "social network". Our mission is to sing and perform acappella music and have fun, and since there are not professional ambitions we try to keep a professional attitude in everything we do. Our main genre is pop and contemporary music, mainly in English or Italian. We started our activity in February 2013.
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Contemporary, Jazz, World/Folk
Acappuccino takes singing together seriously, being one of the longstanding young vocal groups in the country, the group has grown since its vocal ensemble days by crossing over to the contemporary. In 2016, the group represented Singapore as one of 15 top vocal groups in Asia at the 3rd Asia Cup in Taiwan, such representation isn't new as the group also represented the country at the Asia A Cappella Festival in Hong Kong in 2013. Continuing their craft as a group growing into their adulthood isn't easy, but the same goes to brewing a good cup of cappuccino.
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All Styles
The Downbeats not only aim to create and perform music, but also to encourage each other to grow as musicians and individuals, each learning that our own contributions are what form the uniqueness and style of the group as a whole. Through this process, we create invaluable bonds with each other and with the music that we create, all while having an aggressively fun time. Whether wrapped up in onesies for our fall show or performing in our formal black and blues, we understand that commitment to the group does not have to sacrifice the pleasure of singing and the love for each other.
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Contemporary, Professional, Rock
“Saying that Face is an ‘a cappella group’ is sort of like saying Jimi Hendrix is a ‘guitar player.’ It's true, but it doesn't really get the point across. Face rocks.” – Ari Armstrong, Boulder Weekly “Blending modern popular tunes with complex harmonies, brilliant beat-box rhythms and superb singing…Face take their audience on a musical journey and it’s fantastic fun.” – FringeReview.co.uk Face “communicates with a directness and warmth – perhaps America at its best.” – Norbbottens Kuriren “Face has a natural way of connecting with fans that keep them coming back show after show...