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Favorite Pop/Rock Group

Winner: Pentatonix
Runner Up: Arora

Favorite Jazz Group

Winner: Groove for Thought
Runner Up: Swingle Singers

Favorite Classical Group

Winner: Swingle Singers
Runner Up (TIE): King’s Singers and Chanticleer

Favorite Doo-Wop Group

Winner: North Shore
Runner Up: Alley Cats

Favorite R&B or Hip-Hop Group

Winner (TIE): Naturally 7 and Duwende
Runner Up: The Exchange

Favorite Barbershop Chorus

Winner: Westminster Chorus
Runner Up: Alexandria Harmonizers

Favorite Barbershop Quartet

Winner: GQ
Runner Up: Vocal Spectrum

Favorite Religious Group

Winner: Take 6
Runner Up: Committed

Favorite Folk/World Group

Winner: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Runner Up: Honey Whiskey Trio

Favorite Comedy Group

Winner: Dakaboom
Runner Up: The Bobs

Favorite Contemporary A Cappella League Group

Winner: Fermata Town
Runner Up: Restated

Favorite Male Collegiate Group

Winner: Beelzebubs (Tufts)
Runner Up: Eight Beat Measure (RIT)

Favorite Female Collegiate Group

Winner (TIE): Pitch Please (Northeastern) and Divisi (U Oregon)
Runner Up: Men in Drag (U Chicago)

Favorite Mixed Collegiate Group

Winner: Nor’Easters (Northeastern)
Runner Up: Voices In Your Head (U Chicago)

Favorite High School Group

Winner: Vocal Rush (Oakland School of the Arts)
Runner Up: Forte (Centerville HS)

Favorite Professional Album

Winner: Bioluminescence by ARORA
Runner Up: PTX Vol 1. By Pentatonix

Favorite Collegiate Album

Winner: III by Nor’Easters (Northeastern)
Runner Up: I Used to Live Alone by Voices In Your Head (U Chicago)

Favorite High School Album

Winner: Life’s So Lyrical by Forte (Centerville HS)
Runner Up: The Beginning by Vocal Rush (Oakland School for the Arts)

Favorite Male Vocalist

Winner: Avi Kaplan (Pentatonix)
Runner Up: Scott Hoying (Pentatonix)

Favorite Female Vocalist

Winner: Hannah Juliano (Delilah; Musae)
Runner Up: Jessica Freedman (ARORA)

Favorite Vocal Percussionist

Winner: Kevin Olusola (Pentatonix)
Runner Up (TIE): Bellatrix (Boxettes) and Courtney Jensen (Delilah)

Favorite Songwriter

Winner: Chris Harrison (ARORA)
Runner Up: Erik Bosio (Cluster)

Favorite Arranger

Winner: Shams Ahmed (Nor’Easters)
Runner Up: Tom Anderson (Random Notes)

Favorite A Cappella Producer

Winner: Bill Hare
Runner Up: Dave Sperandio

Favorite A Cappella Event

Winner: BOSton Sings
Runner Up: SoJam

Favorite YouTube Video

Winner: Wizard of Ahhs (Pentatonix)
Runner Up: Evolution of Music (Pentatonix)

Favorite European A Cappella Group

Winner: Cluster
Runner Up: Swingle Singers

Favorite Asian A Cappella Group

Winner: MICappella
Runner Up (TIE): O-Kai Singers and Voco Novo

Favorite Central/South American A Cappella Group

Winner: Nota
Runner Up: BR6

Favorite Oceanic A Cappella Group

Winner: Idea of North
Runner Up: Switch

Favorite African A Cappella Group

Winner: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Runner Up: Africappella

Favorite Competition Set

Winner: Nor’Easters - ICCA Finals set 2013
Runner Up: Voices In Your Head - ICCA Finals set 2012

Favorite Solo Act

Winner: Julia Easterlin
Runner Up: Peter Hollens

Favorite A Cappella Podcast, Video Series or Radio Show

Winner: Inside A Cappella
Runner Up: WERS' All A Cappella LIVE

Favorite A Cappella Fan

Winner: Selame Scarlett
Runner Up: Tara Ahn Kellerman

Favorite A Cappella Activism

Winner: Women’s A Cappella Association
Runner Up: SingStrong Festival

Favorite A Cappella Book

Winner: A Cappella Arranging by Dylan Bell and Deke Sharon
Runner Up: AcaPolitics by Stephen Harrison

Favorite A Cappella Blog

Winner: The A Cappella Blog
Runner Up: What Should A Cappella Call Me

Favorite Breakout or Newcomer Group

Winner: Fermata Town
Runner Up: The Exchange

Favorite Original A Cappella Song

Winner (TIE): "Satellite" (ARORA) and "Starting Line" (Fermata Town)
Runner Up: "The Bridge" (ARORA)

Favorite Festival Headliner Performance

Winner: Pentatonix at SoJam 2012
Runner Up: Postyr Project at BOSS 2013

Favorite Music Video

Winner: Wizard of Ahhs by Pentatonix
Runner Up: Titanium by Voices in Your Head

Favorite Festival Workshop

Winner: Essential Listening (Ben Stevens)
Runner Up: Seeing Music (Michael Eldredge)

Favorite Group That Doesn't Use Vocal Percussion

Winner (TIE): GQ and The Whiffenpoofs (Yale)
Runner Up: Vocal Spectrum

Favorite Twitter Account

Winner: @acappellanow
Runner Up: @NotHeathrNewkrk

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