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Favorite Pop/Rock Group

Winner: Sonos
Runner Up: Straight No Chaser

Favorite Jazz Group

Winner: Groove for Thought
Runner Up: Swingle Singers

Favorite Classical Group

Winner: Swingle Singers
Runner Up: The King’s Singers

Favorite Doo-Wop Group

Winner: Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town
Runner Up: The Persuasions

Favorite R&B Group

Winner: Duwende
Runner Up: Committed

Favorite Barbershop Chorus

Winner: Westminster Chorus
Runner Up: The Masters of Harmony

Favorite Barbershop Quartet

Winner: ‘Round Midnight
Runner Up: Maxx Factor

Favorite Religious Group

Winner: Committed
Runner Up: Take 6

Favorite Folk/World Group

Winner: Rajaton
Runner Up: Club for Five

Favorite Comedy Group

Winner: Dakaboom
Runner Up: The Bobs

Favorite Contemporary A Cappella League Group

Winner: Red States
Runner Up (tie):Treble and Euphonism

Favorite Male Collegiate Group

Winner: On the Rocks (U of Oregon)
Runner Up: Beelzebubs (Tufts)

Favorite Female Collegiate Group

Winner: Divisi (U of Oregon)
Runner Up: Sil’hooettes (UVA)

Favorite Mixed Collegiate Group

Winner: SoCal VoCals (USC)
Runner Up: PitchSlapped! (Berklee)

Favorite High School Group

Winner: Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont High School, OH)
Runner Up: Town Criers (Weston High School, MA)

Favorite Professional Album

Winner: "Level" – House Jacks [iTunes] [Amazon]
Runner Up: "December Songs" – Sonos [iTunes] [Amazon]

Favorite Collegiate Album

Winner: "A Fifth" – On the Rocks (U of Oregon) [iTunes] [Amazon]
Runner Up: "Tip your Barista" – New Dominions (UVA) [iTunes] [Amazon]

Favorite High School Album

Winner: "Electrify" – Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont High School, OH) [iTunes] [Amazon]
Runner Up: "Come Alive" – Town Criers (Weston High School, MA) [iTunes] [Amazon]

Favorite Male Vocalist

Winner: Peter Hollens
Runner Up: Roopak Ahuja of The House Jacks

Favorite Female Vocalist

Winner: Jessica Freedman from Sonos
Runner Up: Joanna Jones of The Backbeats

Favorite Vocal Percussionist

Winner: Jake Moulton from The House Jacks
Runner Up: Ben McLain of Sonos

Favorite Songwriter

Winner: Ben McClain of Sonos
Runner Up: Austin Willacy of The House Jacks

Favorite Arranger

Winner: Christopher Given Harrison of Sonos
Runner Up: Tom Anderson

Favorite A Cappella Producer

Winner: Bill Hare from Bill Hare Productions
Runner Up: Ed Boyer from Ed Boyer A Cappella

Favorite A Cappella Event

Winner: SoJam
Runner Up: "The Sing-Off" (NBC)

Favorite European A Cappella Group

Winner: Swingle Singers (UK)
Runner Up: Real Group (Sweden)

Favorite Asian A Cappella Group

Winner: Redsoul (Korea)
Runner Up: MICappella (Singapore)

Favorite Central/South American A Cappella Group

Winner: Nota (Puerto Rico)
Runner Up (tie): Vocal Sampling (Cuba) and Roney Giah & Perseptom Banda Vocal (Brazil)

Favorite Oceanic A Cappella Group

Winner: Idea of North (Australia)
Runner Up: Suade (Australia)

Favorite African A Cappella Group

Winner: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Runner Up: Navi Redd

Favorite Competition Set

Winner: Rhythm & Blue at SoJam 2010
Runner Up: PitchSlapped! at ICCA Finals 2010

Favorite Solo Performer

Winner: Bobby McFerrin
Runner Up: Peter Hollens

Favorite A Cappella Podcast or Radio Show

Winner: Mouth Off!
Runner Up: Emerson College's "All A Cappella" show on WERS 88.9

Favorite Gender-Bender Song/Solo

Winner: Jonah Seitz, Nick Firth, Josh Heying for "Bad Romance" (On the Rocks) [iTunes] [Amazon]
Runner Up: Alex Green for "Toxic" (Overboard) [YouTube]

Favorite Mash-Up

Winner: "Wonderwall" - Sonos [YouTube]
Runner Up: "25 or 6 to 4 / Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" - Overboard [YouTube]

Favorite Album Art

Winner (tie): "House on Fire" by Duke Rhythm & Blue and "Level" by The House Jacks

Favorite A Cappella Fan

Winner: Joan Shafer Hare
Runner Up: Joey "JJoey" Homza

Favorite A Cappella Song that Doesn’t Sound A Cappella

Winner: "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter  - Overboard [YouTube]
Runner Up: "You Were Everything" - The House Jacks [iTunes] [Amazon]

Favorite A Cappella Blog

Winner: The A Cappella Blog
Runner Up: Rob Dietz for CASA

Favorite Lady Gaga Cover

Winner: "Bad Romance" by On the Rocks (U of Oregon) [iTunes] [Amazon]
Runner Up: "Telephone" by Sil’hooettes (UVA) [iTunes]

Favorite Medley

Winner: Great American Songs Medley – Swingle Singers [iTunes] [Amazon]
Runner Up: Elton John Medley - On the Rocks [iTunes] [Amazon]

Favorite Breakout or Newcomer Group

Winner: Street Corner Symphony
Runner Up: The Backbeats

Favorite Rapper/Rap Performance

Winner: Alex Horwitch on "All the Above" (U of Oregon On the Rocks) [iTunes] [Amazon]
Runner Up: Brian Watts on "Love the Way You Lie" (Duke Rhythm & Blue) [iTunes] [Amazon]

Favorite Original Song

Winner: "Red Dress" – The House Jacks [iTunes] [Amazon]
Runner Up: "Lighthouse" – On the Rocks (U of Oregon) [iTunes] [Amazon]

Favorite Group from "The Sing-Off" Season 2

Winner: Street Corner Symphony
Runner Up: Committed

Favorite "Sing-Off" Performance

Winner: "Landslide" by The Backbeats [iTunes] [Amazon]
Runner Up: "Creep" by Street Corner Symphony [iTunes] [Amazon]

Favorite Live Performance Moment

Winner: "Alone" by Duke Rhythm & Blue at SoJam
Runner Up: Sonos’ set at SoJam

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