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All of these nominations were submitted by users of casa.org. Categories are also suggested on an annual basis by users of casa.org. Anyone with an active CASA membership may vote for the winners between April 20 and May 15. The winners will be announced here on casa.org on June 1.

CASA members may access the form to vote by clicking here. If you are not yet a CASA member, but you would like to vote, you may get information about membership and sign up here.

Congratulations (and good luck!) to the nominees!

Favorite Pop/Rock Group:

  • Basix
  • Firedrill!
  • Nota
  • Overboard
  • Sonos

Favorite Jazz Group:

  • Cluster
  • m-pact
  • New York Voices
  • The Real Group
  • The Swingle Singers

Favorite Classical Group:

  • Cantus
  • Chanticleer
  • Lumen Valo
  • The King’s Singers
  • Trio Mediaeval

Favorite Doo-Wop Group:

  • Classic Sounds
  • North Shore A Cappella
  • The Alley Cats
  • The Mighty Echoes
  • The Persuasions

Favorite R&B Group:

  • Mosaic
  • Naturally 7
  • Nota
  • ReMix (University of Virginia)
  • Take 6

Favorite Barbershop Chorus:

  • Bay Area Showcase Chorus
  • Northwest Vocal Project
  • Racing City Chorus
  • Vienna Falls Chorus
  • Westminster Chorus

Favorite Barbershop Quartet:

  • Close Harmaniacs (München)
  • Love Notes
  • Maxx Factor
  • Realtime
  • Round Midnight

Favorite Religious Group:

  • Acappella
  • Noteworthy (BYU)
  • Testimony (Stanford)
  • Undivided
  • Voices of Lee

Favorite Folk/World Group:

  • Br6
  • Kitka
  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  • Pust
  • Riltons Vanner

Favorite Comedy Group:

  • Bobs
  • Fleet Street Singers (Stanford)
  • iNtrmzzo
  • Moosebutter
  • Storm Front

Favorite Contemporary A Cappella League Group:

  • Clearly Vocal
  • Deltacappella
  • Red States
  • Redline
  • Two Weeks Notice

Favorite Male Collegiate Group:

  • Accidentals (UGA)
  • Beelezbubs (Tufts)
  • Fundamentally Sound (UW Madison)
  • Hullabahoos
  • On the Rocks (U Oregon)

Favorite Female Collegiate Group:

  • Divisi (U of Oregon)
  • Noteworthy (BYU)
  • Out of the Blue (Duke)
  • Sil’hooettes (UVA)
  • Widows (Wellesley)

Favorite Mixed Collegiate Group:

  • Amalgamates (Tufts)
  • Chordials (Cornell)
  • Harmonics (Stanford)
  • New Dominions (UVA)
  • Off the Beat (UPenn)

Favorite High School Group:

  • 18 Wheelers (The Wheeler School)
  • Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont High School)
  • Maria Carrillo High School Jazz Choir (Santa Rosa, CA)
  • The Jewel Tones (Marblehead High School)
  • Town Criers (Weston High School)

Favorite Professional Album:

  • "Diversity" by Basix
  • "Endlich Authentisch" by Maybebop
  • "Help!" by Overboard
  • "Sonosings" by Sonos
  • "Steps" by Cluster

Favorite Collegiate Album:

  • "Evicted" by the Hullabahoos (UVA)
  • "Play the Game" by The Beelzebubs (Tufts)
  • "Shake the Poet" by The Chordials (Cornell)
  • "Stratosphere" by Fundamentally Sound (U Wisconsin Madison)
  • "Take it to the Bridge" by The Sil’hooettes (UVA)

Favorite High School Album:

  • "A Lesson in Tightropes" by The 18 Wheelers (The Wheeler School)
  • "Change the World" by Ensworth Singers (Ensworth High)
  • "Crescendo" by ‘Til Dawn (Youth in Arts)
  • 'Like Clockwork" by Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont High)
  • "Stimulus Package" by the Town Criers (Weston High)

Favorite Male Vocalist :

  • Christoffer Brodersen from Basix
  • David Pinto from Nota
  • Matt McCormick from the Beelzebubs
  • Nick Girard from Overboard
  • Victor Sandman from Firedrill!

Favorite Female Vocalist:

  • Amy Whitcomb from Noteworthy (BYU)
  • Ariel Arbisser from the Chordials (Cornell)
  • Happiness Chijoke from the Sil’hooettes (UVA)
  • Jessica Freedman from Sonos
  • Kendall Young from Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont HS)

Favorite Vocal Percussionist:

  • Alex Koutzoukis from Beelzebubs (Tufts)
  • Ben McLain from Sonos
  • Courtney Jensen from Noteworthy (BYU)
  • Jake Moulton from the House Jacks
  • Scott Cobban from Overboard

Favorite Songwriter:

  • Austin Willacy from the House Jacks
  • Erik Bosio from Cluster
  • Niels Nørgaard from Basix
  • Peter Bach from Basix
  • Tijl Corremans from Voice Male

Favorite Arranger:

  • Christopher Given Harrison from Sonos
  • Deke Sharon from the House Jacks and Total Vocal
  • Nick Girard from Overboard
  • Oliver Gies from Maybebop
  • Sara Dougadir from the Sil’hooettes (UVA)

Favorite A Cappella Producer:

  • Bill Hare from Bill Hare Productions
  • Dave Sperandio from Diovoce
  • Ed Boyer from Ed Boyer A Cappella
  • Freddie Feldman from Vocomotion
  • John Clark from The Attic Studio

Favorite A Cappella Event:

  • International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Finals
  • Los Angeles A Cappella Festival
  • SoJam
  • The Sing Off Finale (NBC)
  • Vocal Jazz Summit in Mainz/Germany

Favorite A Cappella YouTube Video:

Favorite European A Cappella Group:

  • Basix (Denmark)
  • Club for Five (Finland)
  • Cluster (Italy)
  • Fork (Finland)
  • Voice Male (Belgium)

Favorite Asian A Cappella Group:

  • Akafellas (Philippines)
  • MICappella (Singapore)
  • Redsoul (Korea)
  • Robstar Lobster (Japan)
  • Takarabune (Japan)

Favorite Central/South American A Cappella Group:

  • BR6 (Brazil)
  • Nota (Puerto Rico)
  • Perseptom Banda Vocal (Brazil)
  • Vocal Sampling (Cuba)
  • Voz En Punto (Mexico)

Favorite Oceanic A Cappella Group :

  • Akasa
  • Coco's Lunch
  • Idea of North
  • Living Out Loud
  • Suade

Favorite African A Cappella Group:

  • Afresh
  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  • Navi Redd
  • Soweto Gospel Choir
  • Vm6

Favorite A Cappella Album Title:

  • "Diversity" by Basix
  • "Shake the Poet" by Chordials (Cornell)
  • "…Sings without Music, Vol II" by Firedrill!
  • "Sonosings" by Sonos
  • "Sounds Like My Saturday Night" by Secondary Dominance (Illinois State)

Favorite Medley:

  • Good Night on Help! by Overboard
  • Heartless Medley by Fermata Nowhere
  • Michael Jackson Medley by Sam Tsui
  • TV Theme Song Medley by m-pact
  • Who Medley by Beelzebubs on the Sing Off

Favorite A Cappella Song:

  • "Diversity" by Basix
  • "Down" as performed by Nota
  • "I Want You Back" as performed by Sonos
  • "Ramalama (Bang Bang)" as performed by Chordials (Cornell)
  • "Wreckless Love" as performed by Sil’hooettes (UVA)

Favorite Viva La Vida Rendition:

  • Buffalo Chips (SUNY Buffalo)
  • Clef Hangers (UNC)
  • Golden Overtones (UC Berkeley)
  • Invisible Men
  • Noteworthy (BYU)

Favorite Gender-Bender Song/Solo :

  • Ariel Arbisser on Cold Shoulder by Chordials (Cornell)
  • Mario Jose on Disturbia by Pitch Slapped (Berkeley School of Music)
  • Victor Sandman on If I Ain’t Got You by Firedrill!
  • I Want You Back by Sonos
  • Redemption Song by the Sil’hooettes (UVA)

Favorite Live Performance Moment:

  • Bobby McFerrin on the Sing Off
  • Deke Sharon’s trumpet solo at the Las Vegas A Cappella Summit
  • Jake Moulton’s turntables at SoJam
  • Nota singing “Down” on the Sing Off
  • Sonos singing "Everything in its Right Place" at Los Angeles A Cappella Festival

Favorite A Cappella Solo Project:

  • Bobby McFerrin: Blackbird
  • Eric Chung (Myspace)
  • Kid Beyond
  • Lilli Lewis
  • Scott Leonard: 1 Man 1 Mike

Favorite A Cappella Podcast:

  • AcappellaU
  • Maybebop Podcast
  • Mouth Off!
  • The A Cappella Originals
  • The Acapodcast

Most Cutting Edge Group:

  • Chordials (Cornell)
  • Harmonics (Stanford)
  • Nota
  • Overboard
  • Sonos

Favorite Arrangement:

  • "Hallelujah" by Vocal Line
  • "Hello Goodbye" by Overboard
  • "I Want You Back" by Sonos
  • "My Yard" by Firedrill!
  • "Sound of Silence" by Harmonics (Stanford)

Favorite Newcomer – Group:

  • Clearly Vocal
  • Nota
  • Sonos
  • Soulo (from the Sing Off)
  • The Red States

Favorite A Cappella Fan:

  • Aaron Wilson
  • Bryan Guffey
  • Kim Clark
  • Line Carlsen (President of the Basix fans)
  • Megan McCarthy


Thanks ACA Community!!!

Hola a cappella fans!!! We are pleased to inform you that we have been nominated for eight (8) categories in the 2010 A Cappella Community Awards!!! It is a HUGE honor (and responsibility) to be part of this prestigious list.  Please log-in and vote for your favorites. Estamos orgullosos de informarles que NoTA ha sido nominado en ocho (8) categorias en los Premios 2010 de la Comunidad A cappella. Puedes entrar y votar por tus favoritos.http://www.casa.org/aca2010n


1.    Favorite Pop/Rock Group

2.    Favorite R&B Group

3.    Favorite Male Vocalist (David Pinto)

4.    Favorite Central/South America Group

5.    Best A cappella Song (Down)

6.    Best Live Performance (Down)

7.    Most Cutting Edge Group

8.    Favorite Newcomer Group

Once again dear community, thanks for your amazing support!

We hope to continue living our dream as ambassadors of this style of music we all LOVE.

All the best,











Wow - YOU'RE Awesome

A loud shout-out to the a cappella community and CASA members who regaled Sonos with an array of nominations. This is by far the most supportive community I've encountered and we're thrilled to have been so integrated this year. We've had a blast on the road visiting new cities and meeting all of the many gracious people in them, but if we haven't been to your city yet, holler at us (links below) and we'll do our best!

You blew us away with 12 nods! (Sorry James Cameron):
Favorite Pop/Rock Group
Favorite Professional Album
Favorite Female Vocalist (Jessica Freedman)
Favorite Vocal Percussionist (Ben McLain)
Favorite Arranger (Christopher Given Harrison)
Favorite A Cappella Album Title ("SonoSings")
Favorite A Cappella Song ("I Want You Back")
Favorite Gender-Bender Song ("I Want You Back")
Favorite Live Performance Moment (Sonos singing "Everything In Its Right Place" at LA-AF)
Most Cutting Edge Group
Favorite Arrangement ("I Want You Back")
Favorite Newcomer - Group

Of course we'd love it if you throw us your vote, but honestly we're honored and humbled at your already wide acceptance of what we're doing. All the best!
~Paul (Sonos)







Paul Peglar

Thanks! (Whoever you are! Whoever we are, too.)

Hey a cappella fans!!!  We are pleased to inform you that we have been nominated for one (1) category in the 2010 A Cappella Community Awards!!!  It is a HUGE honor (and responsibility) to follow Johnny of NoTA and Paul of Sonos in this prestigious comment thread.  if we haven't been to your city yet, holler at us and we'll do our best to skirt the issue because we're married to our day jobs and will never have the time or organizational skills to travel 25 miles outside of Manhattan in any direction.

You blew us away with one nod (sorry Michael Bay):

1.  Best "Viva La Vida" Rendition (for, um, "Viva La Vida")

Thank you to all of you (both of you?) who submitted us for consideration for a recording we haven't even officially released yet.  Now it's up to paying members of CASA to determine the winner, and believe me, we're gonna milk this hype for all it's worth, because if we lose this award to a college group, we're giving up singing and becoming a pre-baroque recorder consort.  You can hear the track on our Facebook page, at http://www.invisible-men.com. We're not even going to attempt humility: please throw us your vote!  Thanks!


Invisible Men

Official response as CASA

Official response as CASA board member: Speaking on behalf of CASA, we truly appreciate the genuine excitement from all the nominated groups, and we hope that you will get all of your friends and fans to take part in the voting process!  Remember that becoming a CASA member affords one not only the opportunity to vote in the ACAs but to receive a variety of wonderful benefits from our organization and our partners in the community: www.casa.org/membership

Now, as a guy, reading Warren's post: HAHAHAHAHAHAA

Matt Emery CASA Director of Communications Three-time Recipient of RARB "Post of the Year" Title

all right!

I for one cannot wait for the Invisible Men: The Pre-Baroque Recorder Consort.

Amy Malkoff http://www.amymalkoff.com/harmony CASA (Contemporary A Cappella Society) Program Manager + Director of Web Content - http://www.casa.org Judge - ICCA, ICHSA, Harmony Sweepstakes, etc.

The only thing stopping us is

The only thing stopping us is that bass recorders are expensive.  Even the plastic ones at Sam Ash.  Which is a shame, 'cuz I got some mad skillz.

Thanks for the nomination!

On behalf of Acquire, I'd like to say thanks a ton for nominating us for Favorite YouTube Video! We had a blast recording the "I'm on a Boat" video last year, and even more fun making it our first MP3 single! If you like our video and you want a good-quality MP3 to remember it by, you can look us up on iTunes or Amazon. :)

/shameless plug




"I'm on a Boat" available on iTunes and Amazon now!

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