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Free CDs to School Choirs - inspiring young singers with a cappella music

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With the dominance and convenience of music streaming, the use of CDs has dropped off and it's time for Tunes To Teens to come to an end.  In March 2018, we ended the TTT program.

Tunes To Teens (TTT) was a nonprofit program of the Contemporary A Cappella Society designed to put a cappella CDs into the hands of developing singers. Chorus by chorus, TTT sent junior high and high school students a cappella CDs completely free of charge. From 2003-2018, over 20,000 students across the United States and around the world received CDs from TTT.

The CDs we sent to schools came from generous members of the a cappella community who shared our belief that the best way we can expand the boundaries of a cappella in the future is by sparking a love for it in young singers.

If you have any questions about Tunes To Teens, or if you would like to participate, email Chris Tess at tunestoteens@casa.org.

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