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A public mea culpa … Last month at BOSS' CARA awards ceremony, we announced the wrong first place group for the Scholastic Original award from the stage. While the certificate, website, statue and subsequent announcements were correct, an old tally with a few ballots missing (that changed the results) was used to create the final “... and the CARA goes to …” script.

As you can imagine, there has been significant discussion on this topic, what to do now, and going forward. The CASA board and awards team discussed several remedies, including a tie option.

However ultimately the award will go to the tabulated winner -- “Something in the Water” Music: Brianne Holland, Lyrics: Markie Gray on Late Nights, Parades by Men in Drag (U Chicago). The award was originally announced from the stage as “Life of the Mind” by Chris Rishel, Brianne Holland for Voices in Your Head (U Chicago). The runner-up will remain as announced. The CASA board decided this was best for the integrity of the award, all awarded groups in all categories, and the greater CARA ideal.

We informed all the groups and parties involved last month, but felt a note was in order not only to set the record straight but to give all the groups their due. Voices in Your Head and Men in Drag are both groups that are pushing the envelope with great original music, and that made it that much harder and closer for our CARA judges right up to the wire.

It’s a reminder for all that every single vote matters, as often only a few votes separate the final result.

Thanks all.